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Tuesday, Oct.6th - 6:30-8pm

Tuesday, Oct.13th - 6:30-8pm

Saturday, Oct.17th - 10-11:30am

Come and Learn All About Indoor Gardening & Hydro 101!



August 15, 2015


Wed., Aug. 19th   6:30-8pm

Sat., Aug. 22nd  10-11:30am

Thur., Aug.27th  6:30-8pm

Please Note: these are all the same class, just different dates to accommodate our customers schedules. Each class is a combo of Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics 101. Please contact our store for more details!

July 23, 2015

Mother Earth's Natural


Items Needed:

1 Cup Dried Rosemary


A 1/2 Gallon Container

Squirt Bottles

Sauce Pan



Add 1 cup dried rosemary to 1 quart water in a saucepan, then boil for approximately 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Then pour about a quart of cool water into your 1/2 gallon container, then strain your rosemary water blend into the 1/2 gallon container also. Shake and mix the ingredients. Pour the blend into your squirt bottles and mixture is ready to use. You can now apply this spray directly on your skin and your pets. Store the unused portion in the refrigerator. Discard the mix when it no longer smells strongly of rosemary.

*NOTE*: You can also add Lavender to this mix, which makes a terrific compliment and also helps to keep the mosquitoes away!!

July 20, 2015

Are the rainy days getting to be too much for your garden??!

Look to our Prune Pots, Smart Pots or Prunex Pots to help your plants, indoors and outdoors! These are fabric pots, which are a durable and portable growing solution. They are made from heavy-duty fabric and have reinforced handles for easy transport of your plants. They provide excellent drainage and do not trap heat. The fabric also allows the plant roots to branch off, which will create a larger root mass. This all makes for a much happier plant and a much more happier you!!

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